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The result of 2 local elections

Day before yesterday 2 big local election occurred. Mr Kitahashi, democrat, won in the election of Kitakyushu Mayor.
There are different views about the result of that of Aichi Governor. Mr. Kanda,Librraland the current governor, won the race and was elected as the new governor. So many people say that the government party won in Aichi and the opposition won in Kitakyushu. Therefore, the result of the 2 races were fifty-fifty.
Is this view correct? Considering the AAichi election, the 2 candidates of the opposition party got 1,516540 votes together,while Mr.Kanda got 1,424,761 votes. This means the opposition group got 91,779 supporters more than the government party got.
So I think the oppositon parties won the 2 races completely.
Mr.Yanagisawa wants to remain in his post, and Mr Abe wants to protect him. What will this casuse in the coming upper house election? Even in tne government parties (=Liberal and Komei) there are some people whosuppose ill of its result.
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