Bilingual essays in Esperanto and English by an old man


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My granddaughter is calm.

One daay after that grave accident I called my son by telephone and asked him if my dear granddaughter was calm. He answered me,'Yes, she is calm as usual.' I was very happy to hear that. She appeared to say that she was going to cook hotdogs with her father, I was very glad to hear her say so.
How lonel she was, when she could not find her father. She even feared that he would have been arrested ,for he left such a young girl alone. But nothing happened. He wasnt out. He was in the basement of the house. It was an accident caused only by her miscomprehension.
In Canada it's a crime to leave a small child alone in the car or in the house. So similar accident can never happen that a child is left alone in the car while the parent(s) is playing pachinko or so. I think it necessarythat Japan must have simillar law soon.
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